Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

Term 4

The title of this term’s Learning Journey is ‘Tribal Tales’.  In English, we will start by focusing on narratives. The children will work towards writing their very own adventure stories, using ‘The Stone Age Boy’ to help them.

This term in maths, children will continue to build on their home learning with work on length. This will be followed a focus on fractions.

This term we will be linking history and art to our Learning Journey. In history, we will be taking a step back in time to explore prehistoric Britain. We will find out about how hunter-gatherers lived in Stone Age Britain and explore how Stone Age people survived against the many day to day threats. During our art lessons, we will we will be creating our own cave art! We will research famous stone age art work, explore the different styles and then recreate our own.

We will be revisiting forces and magnets this term in science to make use of some brand new science equipment.  Children will conduct investigation into how things move on different surfaces and the strengths of magnets and how they attract or repel. They will also get to create their own magnetic game!

PSHE this term will focus on settling the children back into school.  ‘A new start’ will be our focus where children will be talking about changes and how they might make them feel. We will then focus on working together as a team, supporting each other and being considerate of others and their feelings.

Our focus for PE will be invasion games, where we will explore the basics, movement within invasion games, passing and finally defending. This will carry over into next term.

Our computing unit is titled ‘Questioning’. This unit is designed to help children learn about the importance of phrasing questions and that certain data handling resources are limited in the answers they can provide.

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