Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

We are the oldest children in the school and we are made up of children in Year 5 and Year 6.

Our Learning Journey

Let’s travel back 5000 years to ancient Egypt, cruising along the Nile and entering a world of mysteries, curses and mummies. This half term our Learning Journey is called Pharaohs and is a history based learning journey.

In History, we will learn about the Ancient Egyptians; we will explore Ancient Egyptian life and key events during the time period and we will we are going to learn first-hand about the gruesome, yet fascinating, process of mummification. We will be using our history learning and research to help us write a set of instructions on the mummification progress as part of our learning in English. We will also write a newspaper report about Howard Carter’s famous discovery and use different sources to research Tutankhamun’s tomb in order to help us write this. We’ll also
consider whether it was right to open Tutankhamun’s tomb, or whether it should have been left as it was. Our Focus text for this Term will be Secrets of a Sun King by Emma Carroll and we will be working on a range of different reading skills linked to this text.

In Art, we will be drawing, designing and making our own Egyptian themed masks using a range of different skills and techniques. In PSHE, we will be looking at rights and responsibilities and in RE we will be looking at Hinduism.

In maths this term we will be covering: place value, written methods and properties of number.

Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Friday so please make sure your PE kit is in school. This term our lessons will be on the invasion game basketball.

Home Learning

Help your child prepare for their project It’s amazing that a civilisation from 5000 years ago still influences the way we live today, from mathematics to bowling! Why not try a variety of fruits for dessert that the ancient Egyptians would buy from their local market? You could taste juicy cantaloupes, sweet dates or flavoursome plums. You could also visit your local library to learn about the amazing world of ancient Egypt.

Homework will be set on Wednesdays although, on occasion, the children may also be given additional homework. The children will be given a new set of spellings on Friday of each week and will then be tested on these the following Friday.

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