Class 5

Welcome to Class 5

We are the oldest children in the school and we are made up of children in Year 5 and Year 6.

Our Learning Journey

This term our learning journey is called ‘Frozen Kingdoms’. The Frozen Kingdoms project will have a Geography focus this term and we will learn about the regions of the Arctic and Antarctic. In Geography will learn about the similarities and differences between these two regions, including the climate, landscape and natural resources. In addition, we will learn how to use grid references, lines of latitude and longitude, contour lines and symbols to identify the geographical locations of the Arctic and Antarctic, and how these, along with the tilt of the Earth, affect day length and warmth. We will also investigate polar oceans to learn how they differ from other oceans on Earth and how climate change increases Earth’s temperature and leads to rising sea levels.

Our English will link to the topic and we will begin by writing Poetry which is inspired by wintery landscapes and images. We will then use these ideas to write some descriptive pieces. Finally, nearing the end of term we will move on to applying the knowledge we have acquired in our Geography lessons, to write our own non chronological reports on the Arctic and Antarctica.

Our Focus text in Destination reader for this term will be Sky Song by Abi Elphinstone.

In Art, we will be working on our sewing skills and we will be making small sleeping bags designed to be used on a polar expedition.

In Science this term, our topic is animals including humans. The children will be looking at the changes as humans develop to old age. Within this topic the children will cover the topic of puberty. They will also be looking at reproduction in plants and animals.

In maths this term we will be covering: fractions including calculating with them using all four operations; position and direction ( co – ordinates, translation and reflection); working with fractions, decimals and percentages and area and perimeter.

In PSHE we will be looking at feelings and emotions.

Our PE days this term are Wednesday and Friday so please make sure your PE kit is in school. This term we will be linking our PE to rivers and mountains and we will be doing gymnastics and dance.

In RE, our learning focus will be Rights and Responsibilities which links well with a previous topic we have done in PSHE. We will be looking at a range of religious stories linked to this theme.

Next term our learning journey will continue to be Frozen Kingdom.

Home Learning

Here are some activities that you could do at home to support your learning at school.

1)Use the internet and other source materials to sketch and label a diagram of the Earth. Include the equator, Prime Meridian, lines of latitude and longitude, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn and the polar regions.

  1. Research and record the characteristics of each of the following climate zones: polar, temperate, desert, tropical and equatorial. Give examples of places within each climate zone.
  2. Polar landscapes have many interesting natural features, including icebergs, glaciers, mountains, ice fields, tundra and boreal forests. Record a definition and description of each feature in a table.

Here are some useful websites you could use to find out more:

Useful websites
Britannica Kids – Antarctica
Britannica Kids – Arctic Regions
Met Office – Climate zones
National Geographic Kids – What is climate change?

Homework will be set on Wednesdays although, on occasion, the children may also be given additional homework. The children will be given a new set of spellings on Friday of each week and will then be tested on these the following Friday.

Our Class Gallery

In Art during Term 1 we created our own Egyptian masks. We researched different masks designs and identified different features of a mask and then used this research to design and make our own masks. Here are our finished masks:

Our Homework Projects

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