Peer Mediators

We are the peer mediators and we have been put forward to help younger children if they have friendship problems. We are: Isla, Kaya, Kiera, Lochie, Madeline and Jude. Since September, we have only had to solve four friendship disputes and we have not seen any signs of bullying. This is great, because that means our school is a friendly environment where all of the pupils that attend are caring and kind to other pupils. In the playground, we see most children being independent and enjoying outdoor activities, which are run by our year 5 sports leaders or PE teachers. We know our school is a safe place to be because all the children are well behaved and well-mannered. As peer mediators, we help other children in our school by supporting them to work through their problems. We discuss the peer mediator rules and once they have agreed to follow them we talk about a resolution to solve their issue. We will not operate peer mediation unless all involved are happy to take part. If there is a sign of any type of bullying then we will immediately report to a responsible adult by giving them a red slip.

We hope this paragraph has given you an idea of our peer mediator role at Brede Primary School. Kaya, Jude, Madeline, Isla, Lochie and Keira

We presented an assembly to the whole school!