Brede Primary School Governing Body

Welcome to the governors section of the school website. We hope the information provided here will help you to understand the role of the governing body and to know about the school governors. As governors we are a committed group of volunteers that work closely with the head teacher and staff to ensure the school functions as effectively as possible. The government sets a number of responsibilities for the governing body which we work hard to fulfill. Together, we oversee;

  • the quality of education the school offers;
  • the progress and achievements of its pupils;
  • the standard of behaviour;
  • the ability of the leadership team to inspire growth and development;
  • the school’s finances;
  • the recruitment and performance management of staff.

How do we achieve the above;

  • by meeting as a whole governing body at least once each school term;
  • through monitoring and evaluating the school’s progress through focused school visits, analysis of pupil data, meeting the children to talk about their learning, meeting with staff to appraise their contribution to the school and by checking the school finances;
  • by ensuring the school meets its statutory responsibilities including the setting of a stimulating and relevant curriculum;
  • by appointing high calibre staff;
  • by attending relevant training;
  • through working with parents, the local authority (East Sussex County Council), the local community and agencies that support the school.

Who are our governors?

Why do we this? 

Purely because we want to help the children at Brede Primary School to achieve their best as young people who will go on to contribute to, and play a part in, an increasingly technological and multicultural world where core values and wide ranging skills become essential to self development.

Contacting the school governors

If you wish to contact the school governors then you can either write to the Clerk to the Governors, c/o the school, or 


Brede governing body meet once per term with additional meetings added as necessary.

There are no committees of the governing body. All areas of business are covered by the whole governing body.

For attendance information please click on the link below;