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Online Safety

We believe that education around keeping safe is essential. Safety in the digital world is an important part of this. Our pupils need to assess risks and learn how to be safe on the internet. This is important wherever they use it, at home or in school.

We teach online safety to all year groups across our curriculum. There is extra input in our computing curriculum. Our Online Safety policy explains how we protect our children when using digital technologies. We have systems to monitor, filter and protect children from harmful content. Our staff also stay up to date with regular training.

Safety online is a part of the whole school culture. Our staff, parents, volunteers and governors follow our Acceptable Use Policy. This ensures we all adopt the school’s position on the safe use of digital technologies. We encourage parents to speak to their children about how to keep safe and behave online.  

Online Safety Policy

Advice for children and parents

Thinkuknow has advice about staying safe online

Advice for parents