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Ethos and Values

Our School Values are:  

Responsibility      Inquisitiveness      Confidence      Inspiration          Respect

Our school vision is that every member of our school community will be:

  • A Confident Individual
  • An Inspired and Inquisitive Learner
  • A Responsible and Respectful Citizen

What this means at Brede Primary School:

A Confident Individual…

  • engages in new experiences,
  • has high self-worth and self-esteem,
  • is becoming independent,
  • can navigate the world safely.

An Inspired and Inquisitive Learner

  • has a love of learning, driven by a sense of curiosity,
  • can apply creativity and innovation to improve learning,
  • is reflective and not afraid to get things wrong,
  • is empowered to fulfil their dreams.

A Responsible and Respectful Citizen…

  • feels nurtured and safe, with an awareness of their own health needs
  • is a responsible and caring member of the community,
  • listens and respects other people’s opinions and ideas,
  • displays the morals and ethics to be a global citizen.

All of this is underpinned by our Golden Threads of:

Diversity and Inclusion, Valuing Individuality, Friendship and Community, The Environment and Happy Memories.

Please find a copy of our Curriculum Intent here