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Reporting an Absence

If your child is sick and will be late or absent, you must contact the school before 9.30am

Call the school office on 01424 882393 or email and type ‘Absence’ in the subject line.

If we receive no contact by 9.30am, the office staff will call the child’s family.

Parents and carers – please keep your contact details up to date.

Medical appointments

If possible, please make appointments for the doctor or dentist outside school hours.

Holidays in term time

We cannot authorise a holiday absence. This is true even if your child has excellent attendance. Click here for further information.

We only authorise absence in term time in exceptional circumstances.

Please complete a Withdrawal From Learning Request Form. This is also available from the school office. 

Parent Guidance on Requesting a Withdrawal From Learning.

Further information on attendance at Brede Primary School: Attendance Guidance for Parents