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Curriculum overview

Principles and Purpose

We believe in a broad and balanced curriculum and value all subjects. Our aim is to equip all children with a breadth of knowledge and skills in all areas of the curriculum.

Our curriculum will give the children opportunity to:

  • See clear links between different aspects of their learning.
  • Understand the purpose and value of their learning and its relevance to their past, present and future.
  • Experience the challenge and enjoyment of learning.
  • Develop and demonstrate their creativity
  • Develop new skills through a variety of contexts.
  • Develop a deep and rich subject knowledge.
  • Learn within a coherent and progressive framework.
  • Explore the breadth and depth of the national curriculum.
  • Develop self-esteem and confidence in their abilities.
  • Follow their own interests and be themselves.
  • Recognise that people are good at different things.
  • Contribute to planning their own learning.
  • Entitlement & Enrichment

Children have opportunities for:

  • Educational visits.
  • Outdoor learning.
  • Specialist curriculum days or weeks
  • Visits from external providers
  • Breadth & Balance

We deliver the curriculum in a series of themed units or ‘Learning Journeys’. These cover the requirements of the national curriculum. They follow a two-year cycle to accommodate mixed year classes. See the current  A cycle curriculum for each subject and each class.

Planned delivery

Teachers plan a teaching narrative that is vibrant and cohesive. They consider the starting point and development of the theme. They outline any significant outcomes.


We will ensure that children can access a range of quality resources. These bring the curriculum to life and enhance its coherence. This will involve practical equipment, environments and teaching resources.


We review the impact of the curriculum on teaching and learning. Where needed we make any adaptations or changes. We focus on school development priorities and ensure that the curriculum meets the needs of our children.

The school prospectus, classes and subject pages have more information.

We are early adopters of the proposed new Early Years Framework for 2021. We began to use the framework in September 2020. The new framework becomes statutory from September 2021.