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Healthy Schools

Accident or illness at school 

Our trained first-aiders will treat any minor injuries such as cuts, bumps and bruises.

If your child has an injury that we judge to be more serious we will let you know. We will phone you so that you can arrange for your child to see a health professional. If we cannot contact you, we shall assume responsibility. If necessary  we will call an ambulance or take them to the Conquest Hospital. 

Please keep us up to date with your home and work contact numbers. 


Please let the school office know if your child needs to take prescribed medicine during the school day. They will give you a medicine form to complete. Please give us the medicine in the original dispensed packaging. Make sure the medicine has your child’s name on it and the dosage instructions. 

We can only give your child medicine that a doctor prescribed which has a pharmacy label. 

Sun hats and sun cream

We encourage children to wear sun hats and sun cream during the summer months. Children should bring and apply their own hypoallergenic sun cream.  Staff are unable to apply cream to pupils. 


All schools suffer from occasional outbreaks of head lice. But prompt action by parents will quickly deal with the problem. Regular combing and examination will help to keep the problem at bay.