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The school day begins at 8.50am.

We expect our pupils to arrive on time and prepared for the day.

Good attendance and being on time are essential to your child’s success at school. 

When pupils miss classes, they find it difficult to catch up with the work they missed. This affects their learning progress. It also affects the whole class.

When your child attends every day, they have the best chance of success.

Your child’s chance of success goes down as they miss more school.

When your child attends 94% or less, it gets harder for them to make progress.

The school takes absence and lateness very seriously. The school has a duty to tackle poor attendance and persistent lateness. The Governors and the Department for Education monitor attendance levels and hold the school to account.

If your child is often late a senior member of staff will follow up.

If we have concerns, we may make a referral to ESBAS (East Sussex Behaviour and Attendance Service).